#QueerHeroes Day 28 – Elliot Page

#QueerHeroes Day 26 – Elliot Page
I feel like Elliot Page perfectly captured this trend of queer “anti comedy” comedy with “Juno” (in no small part to Diablo Cody’s brilliant script).
Even though his sexuality had been more or less an open secret in the queer community, no one was expecting him to come out in his 2013 HRC speech (video in comments). He came as an ally and left as a sibling with the immortal words:
“I’m here because I am gay.“
You could see the relief of the admission overtake him, as it overtook so many of us when we said the words out loud.
Since then, he’s become a tireless activist for our community. You can currently catch him in the reboot of “Tales of the City” on Netflix.
(Since this was written, Elliot Page has come out as transgender. His name and pronouns have been edited here to reflect that)

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