#QueerHeroes Day 28 – Sasha Velour

#QueerHeroes Day 28
Sasha Velour.

I know most of y’all know who she is so I’ll keep this brief: Miss Velour is doing wonders with her voice and artistry.

She was the season 9 winner of drag race and since then, she’s created a series of short films called One Dollar Drags (check it out) and she’s launching her own magazine. She still finds time to bring her monthly drag revue “Nightgowns!” to her old stomping grounds in Brooklyn.

I went to Nightgowns! shortly after RuPaul’s reprehensible comments about trans people competing on drag race. She began the show with stories of the Mollycoddles, of Marsha, of the Balls, testifying the necessity and validity of trans queens. She’d booked multiple trans performers that night and it was some of the most thrilling, revolutionary drag I’ve ever seen.

She constantly hands her mic to those society too often tunes out. Her creativity can render her Keith Haring one day and Queen Elizabeth the next.

“Gender is a construct, tear it apart!”

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