#QueerHeroes Day 15 – Jayne County

#QueerHeroes Day 15.
Jayne County.

Jayne is a trans singer and performer who was instrumental in the queer punk movement. She credits the start of her career with Jackie Curtis’s play Femme Fatale which ran at La MaMa (and also starred a then-unknown Patti Smith). Warhol cast her in his production of Pork soon after.

She moved to London in the 70’s and started Wayne County & the Electric Chairs, where she released the badass anthem “Fuck Off,” which ends with:

“In other words,
If you ain’t got time to take a ride with me on my meat rack [spits],
Then you can get the H-E-double L
Outta my bread line!”

She recently finished a retrospective in New York that showcased five decades of her work. She’s on Spotify, so check her shit out.

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