#QueerHeroes Day 8 – Andrea Jenkins

#QueerHeroes Day 8
Andrea Jenkins.

In 2017, Andrea Jenkins became the first Black trans woman elected to public office in the United States and now serves as the Vice President of the Minneapolis City Council.

You may have seen her sing Amazing Grace at a press conference in Minneapolis in the days following George Floyd’s murder by police.

After coming out as trans at 30, she earned her bachelors degree from Metropolitan State University before earning two Master’s degrees in creative writing and community economic development.

She was thriving as a playwright and a curator of the Transgender Oral History Project. She advised officials on policy positions regarding LGBTQ issues and community development issues.

Then Donald Trump was elected, and she decided to run for office. She recalled thinking, “I got to step into the fray. I can’t leave this to the crazies.”

Just yesterday, Jenkins played a crucial role in the Minneapolis City Council’s commitment to dismantle the city’s police department in favor of a new, community-based public safety system.

Jenkins is a founder of the Trans United Fund, which works to empower trans activists through elections and influence. You can donate to them here.

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