#QueerHeroes Day 24 – Mister Wallace

#QueerHeroes Day 24 – Mister Wallace

Revolutions aren’t only fought on battlefields. More often than not, the most fiery of revolutions begin through sparks ignited by the words and ideas of a society’s artists.

Mister Wallace knows this.

The queer rapper and DJ may be based in Chicago at the moment, but their music is revolutionizing the queer hip-hop scene across the globe. They were born and raised in the Windy City, where they discovered a love for music through church and pop culture. After living in Brooklyn and traveling the world, they now reside in Chicago again, DJing for Darling Shear’s Low Tea at the Ace Hotel and for Dem-O-Lition at Jackhammer Complex—all while releasing music to their eager audience.

Wallace’s latest EP, Cool Mom, is the second of a three-part series, preceded by their first EP, FAGGOT. The album draws from family dynamics and the role maternity plays in the forging of queer togetherness.

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