#QueerHeroes Day 22 – Joan Jett Blakk/Terrence Smith 

#QueerHeroes Day 22 – Joan Jett Blakk/Terrence Smith

Terrence Smith began doing drag as Joan Jett Blakk in 1974.

In 1992, she ran a satirical “camp-pain” for President of the United States as a member of the Queer Nation Party. She adopted the slogan “Lick Bush in ’92!” She would attempt to primary Bill Clinton in 1996 with the slogan “Lick Slick Willie in ’96!”

At one point she went onto the floor of the Democratic National Convention in full drag, prompting Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan to call the event “the greatest single exhibition of cross-dressing in American political history.”

Her campaigns have gone on to inspire documentaries and a play at Steppenwolf.

Now, she’s been struggling with homelessness. A gofundme has been set up in her name. You can donate to it here.

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