#QueerHeroes Day 19 – Janet Mock

#QueerHeroes Day 19 – Janet Mock

Janet Mock is a transgender writer, editor, director, and producer. Her debut memoir, Redefining Realness, became a New York Times bestseller.

In addition to being one of the writers and directors of POSE (which just got an early renewal for a third season after its season 2 premiere earned the best ratings ever), she’s an occasional editor for Marie Claire. She was the first trans woman of color hired to write for a tv show in history (which is ridiculous).

Today, it was announced that she signed a multi year overall deal with Netflix, that will allow her creative control of a slew of original work.

I’m celebrating her success, but I’m also celebrating the fact that her invigorating, original work will be featured on one of the most popular streaming sites ever, bringing new stories to eyes that may not have seen them otherwise.

This is just the beginning for her.

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