#QueerHeroes Day 11 – Larry Kramer

#QueerHeroes Day 11.
Larry Kramer.

Larry Kramer is the most cantankerous freaking genius gay activist there ever was. He doesn’t mince words, but he fought for our right to mince and I adore him. He was around during Stonewall to AIDS to right this fucking minute and I consider him to be one of the foremost keyholders to this entire movement because his life embodies it. It’s daunting right now to even begin to try to summarize what he’s done for our rights. I’m gonna focus on his work with ACT UP for simplicity’s sake.

He was instrumental in founding the organization, first of all. Then he was the voice of reason during the schism that would plague it. He wrote immortal works like those in The Normal Heart, Faggots, and more. He was arrested numerous times fighting for our rights.

If you couldn’t tell, I adore this man and this pathetic, makeshift “bio” is far too broad and I’m far too simple to ever convey the importance of his work and life. So, instead of a picture, I’m posting a video that I feel embodies him. It was the moment he took charge at the height of the AIDS crisis during an ACT UP meeting that, til he spoke up, had devolved into bickering and animosity.

Larry Kramer is a pioneer and it will be a sad, dark day when we inevitably lose him. I hate that the only clip i could find is censored, but please watch this video. It will mobilize you and it embodies all the work he’s done for us.

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